The BEAM EDUCATION FOUNDATION was founded in December 2009. BEAM (Bridging Educational Access to Migrants) was created to assist with the unmet needs of Burmese migrant students seeking higher level College preparation courses and advanced vocational skills training. Most students must also work difficult full-time jobs for their livelihood. Before BEAM started two years ago, migrant worker programs consisted of informal schools geared towards short term basic level courses.

A four person MANAGEMENT TEAM of experienced teachers and administrators designed BEAM’s academic, vocational and cultural programs. Prospective students were surveyed to determine their needs and preferences. An advisory team of educational leaders in Chiang Mai provided input and helped guide the process.

The BEAM EDUCATION FOUNDATION is a registered non-profit Foundation under Thai law. Tuition and textbooks are free of charge.

The Burmese Migrants Education Project (BMEP), located in the United States, provides operating support to BEAM.