Financial Assistance and Scholarships

BEAM offers and administers a limited number of advanced educational scholarships. The BEAM Scholarship Program, started during the 2011-2012 academic year, aims to address the challenge of limited funding that many migrant and refugee scholars face. BEAM Scholarship Program remains committed to supporting migrant, refugee, and Burmese scholarship applicants who have limited opportunities to further their studies and who show the initiative and drive to contribute to their families and their communities.

Based on the existing needs of BEAM graduates and other hopeful scholars, the BEAM Scholarship Program currently assists students studying at BEAM, in vocational programs, at undergraduate university courses, and master’s level university courses.

To supplement the partial scholarships that BEAM can provide, Scholarship Committee members work with each student to locate and apply for additional funding, through other scholarships and through part-time employment. BEAM has been able to collaborate with ZOMIA SPC, a social purpose organization, to support Myanmar students studying in Thailand. ZOMIA’s goal, in line with BEAM Scholarship Committee’s mission, is to increase access to higher education for people in marginalized populations; many BEAM Scholarship Committee Recipients are also ZOMIA loan recipients as well.

For the 2014-2015 Academic Year, BEAM Scholarship Committee provided partial scholarships for 13 undergraduate and graduate level students. Current scholarship recipients are studying at Rangsit University, Chiang Mai University, Payap, and Asia-Pacific International University, enrolled in programs that include Social Science, International Business Management, Information Technology, Communication Arts and Nursing.

Contact Scholarship Committee (beam[dot]scholarship[at] for additional information.