Vocational Bridging

Vocational Training students at BEAM aim to improve their career skills and knowledge in order to make them more competitive in the job market. The purpose is designed to promote advanced skills in tailoring and access to information technology for computer students (basic computer skills, desktop publishing and website design). We hope to add more specialized skill courses in the future.

Enrollment Policy

Student must have:

  • Financial and/or social barrier to similar training programs in Thailand.
  • Desire to learn new skills and possibly a career change.
  • Willingness to work for his/her community.
  • Enough background experience to keep up with the training pace.

All courses are provided free of charge. Some student may need to spend for additional materials and equipment cost. Applicants need to go through a admission process because the recruitment is based on their work and educational background, passion and community spirit.

Contact the Vocational Coordinator for additional information.