Vocational Computer

Program –6 mo

Eligibilitybutton_c and Application – Migrants from Burma and children of migrants from Burma with financial need. Students must take computer assessment test and sit for interview. Contact the Vocational Coordinator for class schedules and recruitment, testing and interview dates.nth computer training for approximately 20 students. BEAM has 10 computers with two instructors conducting training primarily in Burmese, with Shan and Thai translation available from one instructor.

BasicComputerSkillstraining(3months)Course outlines

  • Components of a computer (Hardware, Software, Processor and Storage)
    • Interface of Windows GUI (Bars, Menu, Work Area and Dialog Box)
    • File, folder and directory system
    • Keyboard and typing skills
    • Word Processing (Libre Office 3.4)
    • Internet and Email
  • DTP(Desktop Publishing) andGraphicDesigntraining(6months)

    • Drawing skill in Computer (Illustrator)
    • Basic principle of Design (Line, Shape, Form and Color)
    • Photo editing (using GIMP since November 2011)
    • Desktop Publication and Layout (Title, Text, Image and Composition)
  • Website DesignandWebsiteAdministrationCourse(6months)

    • Basic / Intermediate HTML and CSS
    • Blogging (blogspot.com)
    • What is CMS
    • Working with WordPress
  • Internet Security (Short Course)

    • Background knowledge of virus and internet hacking
    • Web of Trust (Dos and Don’ts)
    • Internet Surfing and Awareness of risks
    • Anti Virus and Internet security program (maintenance and prventive measure)

Contact the Vocational Coordinator for additional information.