Youth Conference, BEAM/JUMP Leadership Conference: The Rising Lanterns of Chiang Mai

Youth Conference

On 5-6, November 2016, BEAM Education Foundation will organize a two-day youth conference in collaboration with the JUMP! Foundation.

The conference aims to inspire, empower and engage Burmese migrant youth living in Chiang Mai, Thailand, as well as, to collectively tackle the challenges defined by participants via youth-centered workshops and inspire a change-maker mindset. The Youth Conference will contribute to the development of youth, particularly those most disadvantaged and vulnerable in aspects of agency, sense of community,as well as, social entrepreneurship.

The conference will mainly focus on the following:

  • Providing a space where community of diversities (Thai, Thai ethnic and migrants) can voice their perspectives on social issues around peace and sustainable development
  • Developing capacity of 100 Burmese migrant youth, Thai youth and Thai ethnic youth participants living in Chiang Mai, Thailand
  • Inspiring youth to create community impact projects that create local solutions to local challenges
  • Identifying Community Impact Project(s) to be provided seed funding and mentorship
  • Mentoring, monitoring and evaluating the execution of the small Community Impact Project(s)

We hope that it will be a good opportunity for migrant youths to make friends with students from different backgrounds.

JUMP! Foundation Limited (“JUMP”) is a non-profit experiential education organization established in 2006 in response to a need in youth education for programs that address issues of leadership and global citizenship. JUMP! acts as a collaborative platform for participants to come together to challenge themselves, inspire one another, and affect change in their surroundings. For further information about JUMP! Foundation: please visit