Mansur Alam, Volunteer Science Teacher

Mansur started volunteering at BEAM as a Substitute Science Teacher in early July 2017. He is here for only a short time; he will be assisting BEAM until the 2nd week of August 2017. He came to Chiang Mai to volunteer with Cultural Canvas Thailand through the EIL Explore Program this summer. Mansur shares his experience in Thailand:

“It is a dream of mine to work with ethnic minorities and refugees because I myself am a refugee from Burma. I’ve spent my early childhood living in a refugee camp in Bangladesh. And I came to Ireland in 2009, never having attended school and with no English I have faced many difficulties and challenges every day with the language and school work.

So I know what the situation is like for the people living in such camps because I can relate. This is why I have chosen to volunteer here in Chiang Mai where I heard about the Burmese refugee students who left the country and now want to go to university in Thailand.”

Mansur will also be working with Art Relief International (ARI), where he will be helping with many different projects such as visiting foster homes, hosting art workshops at children schools, and partnering with other organizations.